5 Running books to read today

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If you’re a keen runner and also enjoy reading, then why not look at books all about running. We review 5 running books; from nutrition, autobiographies and books on where to go running.

Epic Runs of the World (Lonely Planet)

An excellent running book and Amazon best seller. This lonely planet book, features 50 running routes around the world. It has everything, from city runs, marathons and ultras. The book covers runs for all ages and abilities. It also gives details on where to start and finish, how to get there and where to stay. A perfect book for those runners looking for more than just running round their local park.

Born to Run (Christopher McDougall)

Another Amazon best seller, and favorite running book of mine. Born to Run tells the story of a tribe of Mexican Indians, who are believed to be the best distance runners in the world. Wanting to learn their secrets, a team of ultra runners travel to their location. This in turn, takes them on a course, over 50 miles long. A must read!

The Runners Cookbook (Anita Bean)

A book I haven’t read yet, but gets good reviews on Amazon. This book covers more than 100 recipes – from breakfasts, mains and desserts. There is also a section on snacks and is also suitable for vegetarians. The book also covers tips on what to eat before, during and after each session and also covers tips on how to prepare for most race distances.

Science of Running (Chris Napier)

A book that goes into the science of running. Discover ways to help you run faster, improve your endurance and how to avoid injuries. It will also show you how to analyse your running style and has a section that goes into strength and flexibility exercises. You can also follow distance specific training programmes. A good running book for all levels.

State of Mind (Chris Thrall)

State of Mind tells the story of former Royal Marine Chris Thralls attempt to run 36 Ultramarathons back to back. He was waiting to have spinal surgery and hadn’t trained for 2 years, before embarking on this amazing journey. A truly inspirational read and shows how anything is possible if we put our mind to it!.