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Brooks Ghost 13 Review

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The Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is here. And, it delivers exact things one should expect from a best-selling running shoe. The Company made a major change in the design by adding more DNA Loft foam. The Ghost 13 provides high durability, comfortable cushioning, and adaptable fit. It works well for a variety of runners.

The Ghost is a flagship shoe in the Brooks line of running shoes. It is one of the popular running shoes in the UK and the US. The Ghost is a smooth-riding, cushy running shoe that gives you a comfortable fit and reliable performance.

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Brooks Ghost 13 Features at a glance

What are the new changes in Brooks Ghost 13?

The biggest update in Ghost 13 running shoe is the inclusion of DNA Loft foam in the shoe’s mid sole. It provides smooth and comfortable heel-to-toe transitions while you are running. The new loft foam improves cushioning and comfort compared to the previous versions. DNA Loft foam is a high-quality cushioning material. 

It is lightweight and soft. The durable material helps to absorb and reduce shock when your foot contacts the ground. Moreover, the Company altered the upper mesh to improve breathability. That way, the shoe provides a good fit with much comfort. The stretchable properties of the upper mesh help accommodate variable foot shapes.

The Air Mesh technology keeps your toe cool when you are exercising at a warm temperature. Also, the Ghost 13 is now lighter than previous generations. The weight reduction is because of the upper breathable mesh. The Ghost 13 retains a sleek design and delivers an adaptable fit.

What is mid-cushion neutral?

The Brooks Ghost 13 is a mid-cushion neutral running shoe. It means the shoe won’t pull you or fix you one way or the other. The shoe accommodates you given your natural inclination in it. The prominent feature in Ghost 13 is the DNA Loft midsole foam.

It’s a cushion that protects you throughout the way. It has a stack height of about 12mm from heel to toe. Now, you don’t have to worry about where you land on your foot. The shoe gives you a cushion so that the feet roll through your gait. The Brooks Ghost 13 has the lavish step-in feel that the Company prides itself on.

What should you do with this shoe?

If you are a fitness enthusiast, the Ghost 13 is a great running shoe. However, if you are lifting weights this shoe might not be the best shoe for this purpose. But if you are more into general cardio, the Ghost 13 can be your dream shoe.

Or, you can reach your office wearing the shoes, if your job allows. In short, this is a great running shoe for everyday use. With Ghost 13, you don’t have to keep other shoes intended for different activities. It is great training and racing shoe recommended for everyone.

Brooks Ghost 13 upper unit

The upper portion of Ghost 13 running shoe is where the Company excels from its competitors. The shoe has a new soft mesh called the Air Mesh. Your feet can feel the hair because of the breathable mesh. The rest upper portion is what you can expect from the brand.

The shoe has a generous amount of foam in its heel, collar, and tongue. The tongue doesn’t slide because of the wide wings that hold the thing in place. The heel counter locks your heel in the right place. In addition, there are two eyelets for lacing heel-lock. Brooks Ghost Running Shoes

The toe box is quite spacious and there is enough room for your feet to spread. The presence of a toe stiffener gives great support to the toe area. The heel counter in the Ghost 13 is more streamlined. Because there is less pad on the heel counter, your foot sits back with comfort. 

As a result, your forefoot feels much space compared to Ghost 12. A spacious forefoot means Ghost 13 is perfect for wide-footed runners. There is a narrow version for people with narrow feet. Also, the Ghost 13 comes in extra wide and wide variants apart from the standard and narrow widths.

The reflective strips on the heel and toe boxes are for nighttime visibility. Therefore, when you are running in the Brooks Ghost 13 shoes, your foot feels secured with ultimate comfort.

Ghost 13s midsole and outsole

After you step into Ghost 13, you would notice that the shoe is very soft. That’s because of the DNA Loft foam. The cushioning system now stretches on the lateral side from the heel to the forefoot. And, the medial side is complimented with BioMoGo foam.

Because of the combination of two foams, the shoe creates a perfect balance and stable ride. The shoe rides are medium-soft like the other variants of Brooks Ghost. The medium-soft ride is referred by daily trainers. With Ghost 13 running shoes, you can have run from 10 to 25 kilometers with ease.

Because the midsole of Ghost 13 isn’t overly soft, it can handle occasional tempo. However, the weight might be an issue. The Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is a perfect blend of responsiveness and softness. With the perfect heel to toe offset, the beginner runners won’t have problems.

The excess foam provides good shock absorption and prevents heel strikes. With a gentle slope of 12mm, you can make the transitions feel effortless. Ghost 13 is all about stability and remains one of the best stable neutral trainers you can buy. The midsole is devoid of lean bias.

The density is not overly cushioned and makes your feet sit below the midsole. It acts as a rail and keeps your foot centered throughout the transitions. The outsole consists of two different kinds of rubber. They are softer rubber on the forefoot and hardened rubber on the heel.

Brooks uses a spongy, soft density rubber. The outsole rubber is quite thicker than you can find on most shoes. The ride transitions on the Ghost 13 are velvety smooth because of the outsole. The three flex grooves span the shoe width underneath the forefoot and result in a flexible running shoe.

The difference between Ghost 12 and Ghost 13 running shoe

There are a few differences between the two Ghost variants when you compare them. However, the most important elements of Ghost 12 and Ghost 13 haven’t changed. Both the variants have the same engineered upper mesh. 

The patterns and designs changed a bit from Ghost 12 to the new Ghost 13 variant. But the performance difference is not that contrasting. Both of them deliver good rides with maximum comfort. The lacing system remains untouched. There are six standard eyelets and an extra seventh eyelet at the top.

The outsoles on Ghost 13 are the same as Ghost 12. Brooks altered traction on the rubber on the new variant. But, the overall coverage and shape didn’t change. The major change visible on Ghost 13 is the added DNA Loft midsole foam.

In Ghost 12, the Company contained a majority of the DNA Loft foam to the heel. And, a little extension to the midfoot. On the newer version, the foam further extends to the forefoot. As such, the feet feel softer through the transition on the Ghost 13.

Furthermore, the foam extension to the forefoot resulted in the smoother and comfortable heel to toe transition. This is the reason why the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe is a great choice regardless of foot strike pattern.

The heel counter on the Ghost 13 provides less padding. As a result, the foot sits back in the shoe. And, provide extra space for the toe box compared to the Ghost 12 running shoes.

Brooks Ghost 13 pros

  • The upgraded version of the Brooks Ghost is pretty much lighter than the older ones. As a result, it gives you a sense of lightness when you are performing exercises. Lighter is always better when it is about training shoes.
  • The co-molded midsole foam provides a dynamic experience to your foot. The intuitive cushioning system adapts to move your foot forward without hassle. The super-soft foam ensures a comfortable ride. The upper unit of Ghost 13 delivers breathability and airiness.
  • Moreover, the two-color knitted uppermost part provides a new, fresh look. With this new appearance, you can try this running shoe with a pair of jeans and shorts. Brooks Ghost 13 is a neutral shoe and not intended for hardcore runners. However, the stability from the wide footprint and internal heel counter is amazing.

Brooks Ghost 13 cons

  • The Ghost 13 doesn’t have many unfavorable things to mention about. As aforementioned, the Ghost 13 can handle faster long and tempo runs. But it is not the kind of shoe that makes you accelerate faster for performance-oriented running. The outsole rubber tends to wear fast.

In conclusion

To sum up, the Brooks Ghost 13 is a great running shoe for both seasoned and beginner runners. The lightweight and cushioning system makes it a perfect shoe for short and long-distance. If you are looking for a stable, consistent ride, consider getting the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe. With higher levels of durability and responsiveness, you can’t go wrong with this versatile shoe.