Nike Renew Running Shore

Nike Renew Run Review – Why you should buy it!

Whether you’ve recently started running or you’ve been putting in the miles for years, every runner needs a comfortable running shoe. 

The most comfortable running shoes have plush, foam midsoles, and a responsive feel, and this is precisely what the Nike Renew Run intends to offer. This running shoe is designed for the “the everyday runner” and “keeps you moving with softer foam for a cushioned feel.”

The Nike Renew Run is one of the most popular Nike running shoes, and so today’s we’re going to be delving into the design of this shoe, the pros and cons, and what reviewers made of it. This will hopefully help you determine whether or not the Nike Renew Run is for you…

Nike Renew Run Review

First Glance 

The Nike Renew Run certainly looks the part, and it’s no surprise that it’s a popular running shoe, as you could easily wear this as an everyday shoe and will receive several compliments for its aesthetic appeal. In terms of its looks, it resembles the Nike Infinity Run. 

The Nike Renew Run is a new take on old Nike technologies, hence the ‘renew.’ The first thing that catches your eye is the chunky midsole, as well as the generous padding around the heel cup and tongue.  

The idea is that this plush cushioning helps soften your stride and provides responsiveness and comfort, as well as excellent shock absorption.

It’s at the lower-mid end of the price range, and is designed for casual and everyday runners who want plenty of cushioning and comfort. 

Hands down the design of this shoe is superb – it’s chunky and attractive, with a range of modern colorways on offer that can easily be worn outside of the gym. However, does it offer the feel and responsiveness that it claims to? Let’s find out. 


Seen as comfort is the Renew Run’s number one priority, we had high expectations. The shoe has a thick, dual-density midsole with Lunar foam underfoot to cushion your stride and minimize shock, and provides a softer landing for heavy heel strikers.

As soon as you slip this shoe on you become aware of the extensive padding around the heel and tongue, which locks the foot into place and provides out-of-the-box comfort. The extra padding makes the shoe feel more sturdy and rigid, which hopefully means it will hold up well over long distances. 

Overall, the shoe is comfortable and for most people, is true-to-size, though some people did mention that they found the fit narrow, and for this reason, bought the next size up. It’s also worth bearing in mind that when you run, your feet become hot and swell, so this is another reason to allow yourself some extra room. 


However, one thing that lets the shoe down is that with its intense cushioning comes extra weight. This is a bulky shoe, weighing around 12.9oz (366g approx.), and the grooves in the outsole mean you pick up stones and debris if running on a rougher surface. 


The Nike Renew Run has a wide base and a decoupled outsole, which have become popular in running shoes recently as they’re meant to provide improved shock absorption, and cushion the strain on the foot each time it strikes the ground, spreading the impact out so that the whole foot takes the force. 

The midsole’s Lunarlon foam has a similar look and feel to Nike’s more premium React foam but feels firmer, and this is where some of the cost of the shoe is cut. This technology tends to add a dense, heavy feeling to the feet.

The shoe has an adequate flex to it, with good heel to toe transitions and decent responsiveness, however, on longer runs some people found that their calves ached, and this is most likely due to the denser feel of the Lunarlon padding. 


The shoe has a rubber outsole which coats the Lunarlon foam, providing great grip and improved durability. For a low, mid-end price point, these running shoes hold up surprisingly well over long distances.


The Nike Renew Run features a breathable mesh and synthetic upper which keeps the foot secure and comfortable while increasing airflow. The material has a degree of stretch to adapt to the shape of your foot and provides a good range of movement.

This material does a pretty good job of keeping feet dry when running on muddier surfaces, and the TPU overlays around the flat laces help to keep the feet locked down well and prevent them from rolling too much. 

The tongue is attached to the shoe underneath the eyelets which allows it to stay in place well, and the laces stay tied and tight while running. 


There are a few features which help improve the shoe’s overall durability. Overlays on the seams and toe box are one of these, and improve the lifespan of the shoe by adding extra durability in the places where wear and tear is most easily sustained. 

That said, while the overlays and extra padding help with stability and durability, they do add to the overall weight of the shoe, which is usually a sacrifice you have to make when it comes to running shoes: lightness or durability.


This isn’t the cheapest of Nike’s running shoes, but it’s not the most expensive either. It’s designed to sit somewhere in the middle, offering cushioning and comfort for the every day or frequent runner.

The shoe does look more expensive than it is, but while it has a very nice design, the features it offers don’t really live up to the standards of older or more premium Nike running shoes, so you can probably find more bang for your buck elsewhere. 

Who are Renew Runs for? 

In our opinion, the Nike Renew Run is good if you’re a heavier runner and need good shock protection and extra padding. 

If you’re looking for a lightweight running shoe, definitely avoid the Renew Run. 

These may also be good for those looking for a running shoe for walking, or for those who spend long periods of time on their feet all day and need plenty of cushioning. Just bear in mind that the heavy padding takes some getting used to, and some people even experienced blisters at first. 

What are others saying about the Nike Renew Run shoe? 

Absolutely No Complaints At All

“These are my first ever proper running trainers. Lots of cushion, no blisters after my first run and before I was getting shin splints. They have gone. reasonably priced as well!”

13 February 2021 ollie_kitcher  GB

Great stability and support

Great buy for walking and light jogging. I am not a serious runner, have flat feet and wanted some quality running shoes with good stability and support without spending a fortune on shoes. Very happy with this purchase!

Reviewed in the United States on January 8, 2021

Good shoe

“The shoe is perfect as an everyday walking/running shoe. The only caution I’d mention are the grooves. They are very deep and wide so I do have small rocks or acorns get stuck in them and that does cause some slipping.”

Reviewed in the United States on February 21, 2021

Very narrow

“First off all let me say i love the colors and the materials feel nice. The problem is sizing. I have normal feet (not wide) and these are extremely narrow. Size was right on as i wear an 11.5 and the length was perfect. But as I said they are very narrow so uncomfortable on my feet.”

Reviewed in the United States on March 6, 2021

Final Verdict 

The Nike Renew Run is a modern take on old Nike technology, and offers a stylish, modern Nike shoe for a mid price-point. The Renew Run certainly turns heads, and we have no qualms with its overall appearance.

The cushioning is plush, and there’s good shock absorption around the heel area, making it a good option for heavy runners. The extent of the cushioning and padding may be a bit much for some people however, as it does weigh the shoe down.

The Lunar midsole aims to spread out the impact of each stride across the foot, and generally provides decent responsiveness. Some people found that the dense padding of the shoe caused their calves to ache, while others felt they were running on clouds. 

It seems the Renew Run is a heaven-sent running shoe for some, and is average for others. The overall durability of the shoe is good, and the rubber sole provides great traction, though many users did find that debris easily gets stuck in the grooves.

All in all, the Nike Renew Run is a decent mid-price running shoe from Nike, but it didn’t exceed our expectations. You may find you can get a Nike shoe that is just as good for a lesser price, or even stretch your budget slightly to get a more premium shoe that provides much better results.