Running in the dark

Running in the Dark Safely: Tips and Tricks for Night-time Runners

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At some point during the year, the nights draw in and with busy schedules and limited time during the day, we find ourselves running in the dark. Be it in the morning, before we start our day, or in the evening, after work.

When running in the dark, there are several factors to consider, in order to stay safe. Below, we go into detail, so you can still enjoy your running throughout the darker months.

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Find a safe, bright route

If you are a runner that has limited visibility in the dark, it would be considered safer to run where there is plenty of street lighting and to try and avoid busy roads, especially those streets that do not have any footpaths to accommodate runners. A couple of routes I have during the lighter days are down a country road and through a park. These sorts of routes should be avoided when running in the dark.

Always run Against Traffic

Make sure to run against traffic every time you go running in the dark. This way, you will have a better view of the vehicles approaching. Remember, it is always easier and safer to keep away from traffic if you can spot it.

Equally important is always to be alert and watch out for approaching bicycles and runners that may be going your way. Even if you are treading a path that does not have so much cars, chances are there are several cyclists or runners like you who might be too tired to think about bumping into co-runners and therefore cause serious injuries to both parties. So, before making a stop or turning around, make sure the way is clear.

Equally important is knowing your surroundings. Look round from time to time is important. Especially as cyclists sems to like riding on the paths too.

Make Sure You Are Visible

Should you want to run during early mornings or early evenings, or even during dusk time, make it a point to put on something that other runners and cars etc. can see. This will help you increase your safety as far as running in the dark is concerned. What’s more, make sure you put on some reflective gear while running, because sometimes even if you are already wearing running shoes with reflective parts on them, it might still not be that visible to motorists. Yes, your jackets may show some evidences of reflection; but really, sometimes it will be best to overdo it for your own safety.

What to wear when running in the dark?

247 VizReflective Running Vest

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LED Reflective Running Vest, High Visibility Warning Lights for Runners

This LED reflective vest has super bright LED lights and reflective tape, which can make you visible from 600 feet away, making you more secure. This running vest has two sides of bright LED strips.

ReflecToes Reflective Running Gloves

Be safe and be seen. It’s important to be seen when out running in the dark, at dusk and even during the day. Stay safe near traffic and make sure motorists can see you with these reflective running gloves that have 50% high reflective and 50% day glow fluorescent green, and rubber grips for safety.

PROLOSO 8 Pack Shoe Lights for Runners Clip On Shoe Lights

You get 8 pcs safety clip lights to make you be seen from a far distance and keep you safe and sound. 2 lighting modes. Suitable for men, women, kids, adults. Clip on easily and stay on your shoes securely without bouncing off.

B-right Night Running Lights for Runnerss

Reflective vest night running lights, IP44 waterproof night running light, very suited to outdoor activities, night running, walking, jogging, camping.¬† This runner’s chest light is perfect when running in the dark.

LED Running Head Torch

This is the head torch I currently use. It is very bright and a good range of up to 100 meters. USB Rechargeable Headlamp:With built-in 1000mAh rechargeable lithium battery,this head torch can support long-time outdoor activities after full charge(USB Cable Included).It takes only 2.5 hours to get a full charge and the red charging light will turn to green

Always bring Identification

I personally think identification, along with some money and your phone should be taken out with you on a run, any time. Be it light or dark. Anything can happen during a run and it is important that if you do have trouble, you can either afford a taxi home or someone knows your details of who to contact.

Bring a Whistle

Maybe not so obvious but carrying a whistle can help if you run into difficulty during a run and need to get assistance. They are cheap and can be carried in your pocket or in your hand.

Do you really need headphones?

For a lot of runners, having music playing is something that motivates us and can help keep the session interesting, but they can also be distracting. I have already said that you always need to be alert and as vision is often impaired when running in the dark, it is more important we can hear what is going on around us.