What running kit do you need?

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So, you have decided to start running and are unsure what running kit you need. There are so many brands and different types of kit, that it can get confusing. Below, I go into some detail about what’s in my kit bag and what you need for your running journey.

The key is being comfortable. You should not only be comfortable with how you keep your pacing while running, but most importantly with how you are dressed. Most of the time, beginner runners tend to overdress themselves. This then leads to their running gear becoming uncomfortable for them. And of course, this will lead to running unsuccessfully and potentially lead to getting demotivated.

Running Top

The majority of my running tops are from Nike. It is important to go for a lightweight, Dri-Fit top. It is best to steer clear of cotton running tops, as they are absorbent and therefore easily soak up and retain sweat and moisture.


Running Shorts

As with my running tops, the majority of my running shorts are made by Nike. Again, it’s important to get the correct shorts for running. They should be a light material, with most having an inner lining. 

Running Socks

Again, my running socks are made by Nike. These socks are very lightweight, but have a compression fit and also has an arch support. They also have the Dry-Fit technology.

Running Shoes

The running shoes I currently use, are Brooks Ghost. I’ve been wearing this brand for 3 years now and can honestly say they are so comfortable. They come in a wide fit, which is good for foot issues like I have. They are a neutral support, but if you need something more supportive, I find having a sport orthotic ideal. Read our review on the Brooks Ghost 13 running shoe here


GPS Watch

I currently use the Garmin Vivoactive smartwatch. It comes with built in sports apps and a wrist heart rate monitor. It is great for running, plus other sports too. Plus, is a great everyday use watch. The battery life is very good. My longest run using it is 15 miles, with a full battery. I had over 70% left at the end. You can upload all your workouts to their website. Read our review on the Garmin Vivoactive 4